Santa on the naughty list

December 15, 2007

I suppose this is what Canadian postal workers do when they go over the edge instead of shooting co-workers?
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There was absolutely nothing Ho Ho Ho about the letters Rosalyn Da Costa’s children got from Santa yesterday.

In fact, they included filthy messages.

They are two of 10, inappropriate letters dropped in mailboxes across Ottawa in the last two days, but there could be more.

Yesterday, Canada Post shut down its Write To Santa program across the city while it joins Ottawa police to hunt down the “rogue elf.”

“Everybody here is so shocked,” said Canada Post spokeswoman Cindy Daoust. “Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe how we feel.”

Each Santa letter Canada Post delivers contains the same main message with a hand-written personal postscript.

Maya’s personal “P.S.” said: “This letter is too long, you dumb s—.”

The personal P.S. to Colton’s letter read: “Your mom sucks d— and your Dad is gay”

Canada Post has put out an alert for letter carriers to not deliver any Santa letters, to intercept any others in the system and to send them back.
“We will check every one,” said Ms. Daoust.
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