Tiger Woods putts baby into diaper

December 13, 2007

Ah, the Onion …
clipped from www.theonion.com

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods added yet another accomplishment to his already outstanding résumé Sunday when the 13-time major winner successfully putted his baby daughter, five-month-old Sam Alexis Woods, into a fresh Huggies diaper.

Dressed in his signature red shirt, black pants, and black Nike golf shoes, Woods—who has not played competitive golf in three months in order to stay at home and spend time with his newborn daughter—followed the clutch 12-foot putt with a celebratory fist pump before hugging caddie Steve Williams, who was handling the baby’s skin ointment.

“The living room carpet was rolling especially fast today,” Woods later told reporters
“As soon as the baby’s bottom left my putter, I knew she was in.”

Once more displaying his uncanny ability to stay focused even in the most high-pressure situations, Woods did not let his infant’s multiple shrieks distract him, calmly stepping away from his squalling baby daughter three times before executing the putt.

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