Star Wars rocket loses battle with gravity

December 9, 2007

Maybe R2 can still be salvaged for the big ceremony.

The launch attempt came on October 6, but this was a nice little write-up from Wired.

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The Force must be strong with these geeks. (It would have to be.) This is an actual, working Star Wars X-Wing, built by the San Diego Tripoli Rocket Association. Of course, in this context “actual” means it exists and “working” means it’s able to get off the ground. At 23 feet long, it’s impressive but not the kind of craft you’d want to take into battle against a Death Star. Sure, the R2-D2 beeps, but the laser cannons don’t work.

Amateur rocketeer Andy Woerner led the 2,500-hour, $7,000 effort to get the thing airborne.
seconds after liftoff the fighter pitched wildly and blew up – just like Red 10. And Red Leader. And Biggs (poor Biggs). The wings, built to the proportions of the model, just couldn’t take the force. “We were afraid the wing panels would fold up,” Woerner admits. On the bright side, prior to its flight to oblivion, young Rebels got to clamber around the cockpit. “We do this for the kids,” Woerner says.
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