Proof of Mac OSX legitimacy: target for trojan virus

October 31, 2007

Makes one long for the days of fanatic isolationism by Apple users …
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an apple halloweenHackers are reportedly sticking virtual razor blades into Apple computers this Halloween, as a Mac security vendor reports Wednesday that a Mac-focussed Trojan is reportedly loose on the internet costumed as an innocent video decoding file.

Mac OS X users visiting malicious porn sites are told to download a special codec that will let Apple’s Quicktime player to play the porn flicks, but instead of adult treats, users get a malicious trick, according to anti-virus vendor Intego.

By hijacking the DNS, the Trojan is able to redirect visits to sites such as banks, eBay and PayPal to fake websites that attempt to harvest user’s logins and passwords to commit financial fraud.

Update: Sunbelt Software’s Alex Eckelberry (who has posted screenshots) and botnet expert Gadi Evron say this is the work of professional cyber-criminals and that Mac users are now on notice that they are targets, too.

I can sum it up in one sentence: OS X is the new Windows 98.

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