Map of the Internet

October 22, 2007

This is an interesting project to watch, as they plan to incorporate IP searches and the ability to layer different data sets on top of the interactive map.
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What is this?

It’s a map of the entire Internet. At the moment we’re displaying the owner of each IP address (grey boxes), and which IP addresses are listed on the Spamhaus XBL blacklist (red dots), but we should be able to show other things in the future.

How is this done?

We’ve taken snapshots of the internet routing table (from CAIDA for this demo, but we’d probably use a local BGP feed out of preference) to work out who owns each IP address, and a snapshot of the Spamhaus XBL as some interesting data to overlay on the map.

Obvious missing features are “search by IP address” and “overlay multiple data sets”.

Then we use a Hilbert curve to map those addresses onto a two-dimensional map, as inspired by xkcd, so that nearby IP addresses are nearby on the map and so that CIDR ranges (the usual way blocks of IP addresses are broken down) map onto squares or rectangles.

Click and drag on the image to move it around. Double-click to centre on a point.
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