Some questions for the Bionic Woman

October 11, 2007

I have been told the series takes off with Episode #4.
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Any organization that developed biomedical technology for instant healing and flawless body part replacement — technology 20 years ahead of its time — would be able to license it and generate hundreds of billions of dollars of income very quickly. Instead, they keep it secret and derive no real value from it. Why?
What is a “private” company doing running around the continental United States fighting terrorists? What happened to the FBI?
what exactly is the point of having an untrained, undisciplined, uneducated amateur prone to crying, complaining, and rejecting missions as your lead superagent, versus, say, a normal Special Forces A-team?

  • You don’t have time to take night classes (or, taking into account your dumb-ass bartending job, day classes) but you have time to be a travelling bionic superagent?
  • Why would you hire that creepy gay-basher dude from Desperate Housewives? Why?

  • Why do I know I’m going to keep watching this show?
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