Internet connections fall in India

October 6, 2007

This is due to increased cellphone usage.
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The year 2007 belongs to broadband, but for the first time in recent
memory, the number of internet connections in the country has fallen. The total
internet connections in the country declined to 9.22 million in April-June from
9.27 million in the previous quarter, according to telecom regulator TRAI’s
performance indicator report for the quarter.
India is possibly the only country
in the world where internet connections are

Analysts said the fall
in internet connections was on account of the country’s largest internet
service provider (ISP), BSNL, witnessing a 2.93% decline in its subscriber base
to 2.42 million

Even as net
connections are falling, the number of people accessing the web on their
cellphones increased by a whopping 7 million to cross the 38 million mark. This
emphasises how the cellphone is fast becoming the primary medium for Indians to
connect to the net as the number of people using their mobile handsets to access
the web is now over four times those using a PC
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