Birth Rate key to Winning Wars

October 6, 2007

clipped from
Population, power, and the ‘slightly weird’ ideas of Gunnar Heinsohn.
“Your family is in a shooting war with a family across the street. Your forces consist of a father, mother and one child, perhaps two. The other family has a father, mother and seven children, perhaps eight or nine. For your family, the loss of one person would be devastating. The larger family can take casualties and continue fighting.”
Heinsohn is director of the Raphael-Lemkin Institute at the University of Bremen and author of Sons and World Power: Terror in the Rise and Fall of Nations, an academic best-seller in Germany. Later in the day he would be lecturing professional soldiers on the “demographic dimension” of future warfare.
Iraq and Afghanistan are growing rapidly. Their populations are swollen by youth bulges. Their average family has five or six children. They are in what I call ‘extreme demographic armament.
Several European countries have birth rates so low they
are committing demographic suicide.
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