Astronomers Select Top Ten Most Amazing Pictures Taken by Hubble Space Telescope in Last 16 Years

August 25, 2007

These are so awesome, I wish I could have been there to take the pictures myself!
clipped from
Hubble telescope’s top ten greatest space photographs 

The Sombrero Galaxy – 28 million light years from Earth

The Ant Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas whose technical name is Mz3, resembles

In third place is Nebula NGC 2392, called Eskimo because it looks like a face
face surrounded by a furry hood.

At four is the Cat’s Eye Nebula

The Hourglass Nebula, 8,000 light years away

In sixth place is the Cone Nebula. The part pictured here is 2.5 light years in
years in length (the equivalent of 23 million return trips to the Moon)

The Perfect Storm, a small region in the Swan Nebula, 5,500 light years away

Starry Night, so named because it reminded astronomers of the Van Gogh painting.

The glowering eyes from 114 million light years away are the swirling cores of two merging galaxies called NGC 2207

The Trifid Nebula. A ’stellar nursery’, 9,000 light years from here, it is where new stars are being born.
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2 Responses to “Astronomers Select Top Ten Most Amazing Pictures Taken by Hubble Space Telescope in Last 16 Years”

  1. Brian said

    This has been floating around the internet for about a year. The images are real but I would like to know who are the astronomers are that choose the top 10 images.

  2. Good point, Brian. They are so beautiful and yet quite mysteriously photoshopped, yes?


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