T-Rex was slower than the fastest humans

August 21, 2007

… but then Carl Lewis was probably a little too stringy to eat anyway.
clipped from www.guardian.co.uk

The most formidable dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex, could have chased down all but the fastest humans if they roamed the world today, British scientists claim.

The beast was capable of nearly 18mph, putting it fractionally quicker than a professional football player, but still lagging behind today’s record-holding 100m sprinters who can exceed 20mph.

Researchers at Manchester University used powerful computers to model the skeletons and surrounding musculature of five meat-eating dinosaurs and three living species, including humans. Each virtual creature was then put through its paces to find the fastest running style and top speed. The computers used a technique called evolutionary robotics to work out the most likely gait of each creature, a process that took a week for each species. The results have produced what are believed to be the most accurate figures on dinosaurs’ athletic abilities.

“Our findings suggest T rex was far too quick to be a scavenger,” said Dr Sellers
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