Boy Marathoner was allegedly beaten

August 14, 2007

Budhia, who was recently stopped by the government from attempting a 300-mile walkathon from Bhubaneshwar to Calcutta, has inspired several copycat kid athletes (who are collapsing in agony).
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Budhia Singh
Budhia Singh’s athletic feats have made him hugely popular in India.
The coach of a six-year-old Indian boy who entered the record books last year when he ran 40 miles in seven hours was arrested yesterday and charged with torturing the child.

Biranchi Das, a fitness fanatic who runs a judo school in the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneshwar, was taken into police custody and faces allegations that he tied up and beat Budhia Singh, who had become a hero throughout the country.

Budhia’s mother, Sukanti Singh, says she found scars on her son’s body when he returned home 10 days ago after living with the coach for more than two years.

Mr Das denied the allegations, calling the charges “a conspiracy against me hatched by the state government’s child welfare department”.

The coach’s arrest is the latest twist in a saga that has gripped India since a government order declared the child’s record-breaking 40-mile run last year to be “torture”. Budhia was promptly banned from competitive running.

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