Blogger beaten by street thugs

July 31, 2007

If only Geoff had been able to pull out his cell phone and text a Tweet for help …

Thankfully, he is OK. Comic-Con Watch blog

Pow! Bam!

In the 15 years I have been writing for The Times, I have covered wildfires, riots, gang murders and plenty of other mayhem. I never got hurt. This weekend I covered a comic book convention in San Diego and I’m going home with staples in my head.

The guy started mad-dogging me, rasping threats. I told him I was just walking by, no offense meant. He got in my face, and I told him it would be stupid for us to make something out of nothing.

“You calling me stupid?” “No, I’m not.” Then I stopped talking, because my mouth was bleeding. One of his buddies, standing off to my side, cold-cocked me, and the ring on his fist took a chunk out of my face. I never saw it coming. I was at the emergency room until dawn.

None of this gives Comic-Con or San Diego a bad rap. It’s just a reminder that the real world doesn’t stop when the fantasy crowds wander the city with their convention badges marking them as new in town.

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