Op-Ed, from the laugh track’s point of view

July 16, 2007

clipped from www.theonion.com

Ha! Ha! Ha! I Can’t Believe How Funny This Sitcom Is!

By the laugh track for How I Met Your Mother

Ooh! Here comes the best show on television! I wonder what kind of hilarious antics these so-and-so’s get into this week. Ooh! Ooh! Here comes the first line of the show. Oh goodness! The redheaded one just said she “ralphed!” I have never heard a more humorous utterance in all my life!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh my. That was a doozy. Why, I haven’t laughed that hard since the final line of the last episode! They get me every time. Every time! This show is so funny, I can’t believe they couldn’t find a live audience to actually laugh at it!

Whoa, there goes that sassy brunette emasculating one of her male companions! I think this calls for an especially loud bit of laughter with perhaps a guffaw thrown into the middle! Ha! Ha! HA! Ha! Ha! That was clearly the funniest moment so far!

Ha! Ha! HA!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haha. Ha. Ha.

My, what a glorious medium television has turned out to be!

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