Walls of Water

July 11, 2007

clipped from www.physorg.com

World’s Fair to Have Walls Made of Water

Walking through walls will be possible and even encouraged. When next year’s world expo opens in Zaragoza, Spain, fairgoers will encounter a building with walls made of thin sprays of water. Inside, there will be normal building stuff: a cafe, an exhibition space and overhead lighting.

The water will come from thousands of little jets that can be switched on and off, rapid-fire, by computer-controlled sensors.

The resulting effect will enable images and text to scroll in the water walls. Or as a person approaches, the sensors could shape the water flow to make a door appear anywhere in the wall, and then close it after the person ambles through.

“One of the dreams of architecture in recent years has been to create reconfigurable, interactive, dynamic buildings, but of course if you do it with bricks it’s not so easy,” MIT researcher Carlo Ratti said.

The theme of the Zaragoza fair is water and sustainable development

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