If only Geoff had been able to pull out his cell phone and text a Tweet for help …

Thankfully, he is OK.

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Pow! Bam!

In the 15 years I have been writing for The Times, I have covered wildfires, riots, gang murders and plenty of other mayhem. I never got hurt. This weekend I covered a comic book convention in San Diego and I’m going home with staples in my head.

The guy started mad-dogging me, rasping threats. I told him I was just walking by, no offense meant. He got in my face, and I told him it would be stupid for us to make something out of nothing.

“You calling me stupid?” “No, I’m not.” Then I stopped talking, because my mouth was bleeding. One of his buddies, standing off to my side, cold-cocked me, and the ring on his fist took a chunk out of my face. I never saw it coming. I was at the emergency room until dawn.

None of this gives Comic-Con or San Diego a bad rap. It’s just a reminder that the real world doesn’t stop when the fantasy crowds wander the city with their convention badges marking them as new in town.

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Search engines have gone way beyond a simple tool to find information. We might search for a website that we can’t remember, a factoid for a report, or movie times for the local theater. More and more, we are turning to search engines for more involved queries, posing philosophical questions (why?) or at times searching for instruction (How to…?).

how to search kiss

For the four weeks ending July 21, 2007, Hitwise amassed a list of over 130,000 unique “how to” queries.

Top 10 “How to” Searches in the U.S (4 weeks ending 7/21/07)
1. How to tie a tie
2. How to have sex
3. How to kiss
4. How to lose weight
5. How to write a resume
6. How to levitate
7. How to draw
8. How to get pregnant
9. How to make out

10. How to make a video

Since the beginning of 2007, our “how to” queries have risen over 17.5%, encompassing an impressive 2.96% of all searches in the U.S. When you look at these terms, one thing that becomes very clear is just how fractionalized our instructional dilemmas are.

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Teletubbies (file)

All four Teletubbies were taken from the collection, officials say

Models of famous children’s characters, including Teletubbies and Bob the Builder, are among those taken from the museum’s collection in Dublin.

There were signs of forced entry at the storeroom after youths attended a rave in a nearby warehouse, officials said.

‘Motive unknown’

National Wax Museum manager Kay Murray told the BBC News website she thought the incident was “vandalism”, and did not suspect any other motives.

Military uniforms were also stripped from figures of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising and revolutionary leader Michael Collins, as well as models of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

Ms Murray said the museum would reopen despite the missing waxworks, but she hoped the collection would be complete by then.

“All I want is that whoever has our stuff to please return it to us,” she said.

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… only if you want to take the randomness out of the outcome.

clipped from www.physorg.com

How many games does it take to ensure that the best team in a sports league ends up with the best record? According to a study by a pair of physicists at the Los Alamos national Laboratory in New Mexico, the answer is an astounding 256 games per team in the case of baseball’s National League, well beyond the 162 games each team currently plays in the regular season.

According to the physicists’ analysis and simulations of league play, there is always at least some chance that a lesser team can prevail in any given game. The randomness of outcomes means that it takes a large number of games to guarantee that the best team accumulates the most wins.

Specifically, it requires that the total number of games played in a season should be roughly the cube of the number of teams involved. For the 16 team National League, that means 4096 regular season games altogether and 2744 games for the 14 team American League.

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I count this as one of social networking blog Mashable‘s greatest accomplishments: installing as many Facebook Platform applications as possible onto a single profile and then taking a screenshot.

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This is potentially going to be better than any of the X-Men movies because the focus will be primarily on this one popular character (and actor). Woot!

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Director finally signed

After two years of discussion and rumor, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine movie is finally a go.

Variety reports Gavin Hood will be directing from a David Benioff script. Hood is a director relatively unknown in the United States, although his work as an teevee actor (Stargate SG-1, King Solomon’s Mines, Rhodes) is somewhat better known. His movie Tsotsi won the Oscar last year as best foreign language movie.

Brian Cox (Deadwood, the Bourne movies) is expected to reprise his role as William Stryker from X2.

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Unfortunate Ad Placement

July 20, 2007

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Ad on the bus reads: “If you don’t gave GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you don’t hit this bus”

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