Hawke/Dafoe to star as vampires

June 28, 2007

A very strong environmental theme with vampires as a metaphor
clipped from www.ifitsmovies.com
Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke have been cast to star in a new vampire film called DAYBREAKERS, which follows the story of two dueling vampires.

Ethan Hawke recently talked to ShockTillYouDrop.com, and he had this to say…

“I’m going to make a vampire picture and I’m going to chew on some necks. Willem Dafoe and I are duelling vampires. It’s a vampire movie set way in the future where everyone is a vampire and we’re all eating our own resources, so we’re trying to get off on foreign humans. We’re trying to get off of trying to create blood substitutes. It’s a big analogy about what’s going on now. It’s really dark and weird and everybody’s sucking each other’s blood.”

Australian horror veterans Peter and Michael Spierig (UNDEAD) wrote the script and will direct, with Weta Workshop creating the creature effects.

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