‘Family Jewels’ Detail Castro, Mafia Plot

June 27, 2007

Covert operations sure makes for some strange bedfellows and this is definitely what I would call sleeping with the enemy. Wasn’t Bin Laden also on the CIA payroll once too? Charming fellows these CIA guys, eh?
clipped from www.upi.com

WASHINGTON, June 26 (UPI) — The CIA contracted a Mafia leader in 1960 to assassinate Fidel Castro, but the effort failed.

Newspaper columnist Jack Anderson of the Washington Post was later put under CIA surveillance after he obtained information on the plot from the gangster.

The document says the CIA contacted a “trusted operational” source, Robert Maheu, to make contact with Roselli, whom he knew socially from visits to Las Vegas.

Maheu told Roselli his clients — identified as international business firms whose interests were suffering under Castro’s regime — were offering $150,000 for the death of Castro.

Maheu specifically said the U.S. government was not aware and should not become aware of the operation.

Roselli initially resisted but ultimately introduced Maheu to two men who would carry out the hit — Chicago Mafia leaders, both of whom were on the 10 Most Wanted list.

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