Found something weird on google maps?

June 26, 2007

This is an interesting example of unintended value found in a product. GoogleMaps sometimes have strange things (airplanes, flares, unusual structures that look interesting from miles above) that show up in their satellite footage. This is a site dedicated to keeping tabs on these places.
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Welcome to – strange things in google maps

The MapOfStrange website is a way of recording strange, wacky, weird and wonderful anomalies, sights and oddities from Google Maps and Google Earth.
If you have found something a bit unusual or interesting, we would like to know. Whether someone has written something in a corn field, or there is an aeroplane flying
over rural England, it doesn’t matter – we just want to see it. Just find the place in our map, click on the map where the strange or interesting thing you’ve found is, and tell us about it!

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