Facebook violating European privacy?

June 26, 2007

Chris’s gripe against this potential security hole is that the default isn’t to close it.
clipped from paranoia.dubfire.net
Go Fish: Is Facebook Violating European Data Protection Rules?
Using nothing more complex than an advanced search on Facebook’s website, an interested person can learn extremely private pieces of information (sexuality, political leanings, religion) that are stored within another user’s private Facebook profile.

A couple of the Europeans were shocked, and told me that Facebook was almost certainly running afoul of a number of European data protection rules.
The Europeans do care about privacy. Sexuality and Religion are bits of information that they consider to be highly sensitive.. and thus, my little go fish attack is now suddenly a lot more important than it was before.
If a profile is returned for the search terms requested, one can be sure that the user in question has the relevant information in his profile.
It won’t tell you the contents of a profile, but it will provide you with positive or negative confirmation if you know what you’re looking for.
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