$1 million pledged to post bond for “sex offender”

June 26, 2007

ilson, explaining why he and his friends were prepared to offer $1 million to a young Georgia man they had never met, said Wilson seemed to have overcome many obstacles in his life to achieve academic and athletic success.

“He is the kind of young man we should be celebrating, not incarcerating,” Tilson said. “And if you were to ask most men to go back and think of their teenage years and think of the most reckless and foolish thing they did, and then ask how they would feel if that was videotaped [as Wilson’s incident was] … I think there would be a little bit of fear among most of us.”

Wilson was convicted in 2005 of aggravated child molestation. The law then on the books required a minimum of 10 years in prison and a lifetime on the state’s sex offender registry for an oral sex conviction, a penalty more severe than that for intercourse.

clipped from www.latimes.com

ATLANTA — Eleven entrepreneurs who have never met Genarlow Wilson have offered a $1-million cash bond to free him while his conviction on child molestation charges is on appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court.
The former high school football star is 28 months into a 10-year sentence for engaging in consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. He’s now 21.

Two weeks ago, a county judge voided Wilson’s sentence, describing it as a “grave miscarriage of justice.”
State Atty. Gen. Thurbert Baker appealed the decision, saying that the judge had no authority to reduce or modify the ruling and that the punishment must stand to ensure Georgia’s 1,300 child molesters remained behind bars.
The state’s high court agreed to hear the appeal in October, and a bond hearing has been set for July 5.
Wilson’s supporters will wire $1 million — a figure usually reserved for murderers or flight risks — on 24 hours’ notice.
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