Words Shakespeare invented

June 25, 2007

clipped from piksels.com

Words Invented by Shakespeare

Today while browsing the ever so beautiful interwebs, I came across something interesting about Shakespeare. Turns out that our second favourite William (after the one and only William Gates of course) invented over 1700 of the words we use commonly use, by simply turning nouns into verbs, adjectives into verbs, and so forth..

Here is a very small list of words he invented:

  1. Accused
  2. Addiction
  3. Advertising
  4. Amazement
  5. Arouse
  6. Assassination
  7. Bandit
  8. Bedroom
  9. Beached
  10. Blanket
  11. Bump
  12. Cater
  13. Champion
  14. Countless
  15. Epileptic
  16. Fixture
  17. Flawed
  18. Generous
  19. Hint
  20. Lonely
  21. Mimic
  22. Negotiate
  23. Obscene
  24. Premeditated
  25. Rant
  26. Summit
  27. Torture
  28. Varied
  29. Worthless
  30. Zany

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