UN report: Industry is investing in renewable power

June 21, 2007

Happy news for the environment
clipped from environment.guardian.co.uk
A gold rush of new investment into renewable power over the past 18 months has led the United Nations to conclude that clean energy could provide almost a quarter of the world’s electricity by 2030.

More than 35bn was injected into wind and solar power and biofuels in 2006, 43% more than the preceding year. Sustainable energy accounts for only 2% of the world’s total but the UN says 18% of all power plants under construction are in this sector.

“The increasing investments in clean energy also point to deeper change – a tipping point where sustainable energy technology is the fundamental component of the global energy system,” he explains. “Indeed, as Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment suggests, that point may already be here.”

“There are lots of encouraging signs here but $100bn a year is still peanuts and while we do believe renewables hold the key to tackling climate change we are slightly sceptical that we have reached some kind of tipping point,”
Greenpeace was sceptical,
  blog it

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