lizard-bot “released” into the wild

June 21, 2007

i’m not entirely sure how this will work – somehow i feel that the reaction of fellow lizards to this rubber intruder won’t really give a fair indication of mating behaviour.still, an interesting bit of research…
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Robot Reptile “Released” Into Wild to Aid Breeding Research

Researchers have placed in the wild a very special male that, like its wild cousins, can put on physical displays to establish its dominance.

But this reptile’s skin is made of rubber, not scales, and its “heart” is a nickel-cadmium battery.

The alpha male in question is “Robo-Ollie,” a robotic tuatara created to help researchers understand the behavior of these rare reptiles, the last species in a family that dates back 200 million years.

Robot tuatara picture
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