Bottled water… 5 reasons to kick the habit

June 21, 2007

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Bottled water is healthy water — right?

That’s what the marketers would have us believe

Bottled water isn’t a good value

No healthier than tap water

Bottled water means garbage

Bottled water means less attention to public systems

The corporatization of water

What can you do?

In reality, bottled water is just water.

In theory, bottled water in the United States falls under the regulatory authority of the Food and Drug Administration. In practice, about 70 percent of bottled water never crosses state lines for sale, making it exempt from FDA oversight.

there’s very little empirical evidence which suggests bottled water is any cleaner or better for you than its tap equivalent.

Consider taking Food and Water Watch’s No Bottled Water Pledge. Conserve water wherever possible, and stay on top of local water issues.

Want to know more? Start with the Sierra Club’s fact sheet on bottled water.
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