Pilots abilities impaired by toxic fumes

June 20, 2007

And so I find out about this AFTER touching down on a business trip.
clipped from www.newscientist.com

Toxic fumes impairing our ability to fly, say pilots

Toxic fumes on planes are poisoning pilots and rendering them unable to fly safely, say pilots, who are campaigning for “aerotoxic syndrome” to be recognised as a disease.

Two official investigations are being opened after concerns that highly toxic oil contaminants are leaking into cabin air supply on commercial airliners in flight.
1500 pilots will take part in the first major health study designed to establish the extent of the problem.
“We’re basically the canaries – getting knocked down by the fumes first,” says Susan Michaelis, a former pilot who believes she was poisoned by fumes from leaked engine oil while flying.
“Passengers should be made aware that the pilot’s ability to fly is being impaired,” says Michaelis.
Compressed air is routinely drawn off engines and supplied to aircraft cabins. If the seal inside the engine is not secure, engine oil can leak into the cabin and contaminating air with toxic tricresyl phosphate (TCP)
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