C-NET: The Facebook application frenzy

June 18, 2007

This is a nice little piece on the results of opening up Facebook to third-party development
clipped from news.com.com

Facebook’s app feeding frenzy
NEW YORK–At Wednesday night’s Facebook Developer Meetup, the mood could be summed up by the appearance of a clean-cut young entrepreneur who had written “I NEED AN APP” in thick black marker on his name tag.

His Web endeavor hadn’t even gone live yet, but he knew he wanted–even needed–to be able to build an application for it using Facebook Platform, the set of tools the popular social-networking site released last month.

Dave Morin, Facebook’s director of platform, told the Developer Meetup audience via videoconference that more than 40,000 developers have requested to be part of the project, around 1,500 applications have been produced so far, and some of the most popular went from zero to 850,000 users in three days.
“It’s an amazing platform,” said Nathan Freitas, creator of Cruxy
“It’s fantastic. They really thought of so many things, and it’s a pleasure to develop for, honestly.”
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