13-year-old Breaks decade long vow of silence

June 15, 2007

As a father of two young boys, there are times …
clipped from www.raisingkids.co.uk
Teenager speaks for the first time in ten years
child covering lipA thirteen-year-old boy who became an elective mute at the age of three has spoken his first words
for over a decade. Ben Grocock was just three-years-old when he threatened to stop talking if his
parents brought him into hospital for a tonsillectomy. But he remained true to his word and didn’t
speak again for the next ten years.
The breakthrough came during a five-day self-confidence course run by the local fire brigade. The
fireman running the course, Tim Cocks told the Daily Mail: ‘I was concerned to begin with because I
thought Ben couldn’t take part. But after I explained that to him, he agreed to speak to me, then he
began talking to everyone.
At the end of the course we had a passing out parade and Ben stood up and thanked everybody. It
was the first time his grandparents had heard him speak in ten years; it was very emotional for
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