Colts get their rings, Staffer gets roasted

June 14, 2007

This is from the blog of Pat Coyle, who manages the IT and marketing in the Colts organization. He’s spearheading the launch of, a social networking tool for the Colts fans community.
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We got our rings. This is so cool!
Yesterday was not just a big day for the franchise, it was also Jim Irsay’s birthday. This photo shows Tony Dungy presenting a gift to Jim. The gift is a photo of our entire staff forming a giant horseshoe.
He started out talking about how he remembers Tony Dungy from his prep days in Michigan, where both men grew up. He was ALL OVER our coach for wearing a big afro, and tight 1970’s shorts, etc. Very funny.
I was OK when Sinbad’s focus was on the coach, but then something surprising happened. He turned his attention to my table.
I got roasted. And what I didn’t know was that the cameras were on me much of that time so every one of the 400 people in the room were zoomed in on my embarassed face as I was getting the business. Afterward, I happened to run into Jim Irsay, Bill Polian, Chris Polian and several others and the first thing they said to me – even before “congratulations” was, “…man, Sinbad was ALL OVER YOU. You really took one for the team!”
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