Live blogger strikes out with NCAA

June 12, 2007

BTW, Louisville won the game 20-2 to advance to the College World Series. Legal action pending.
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Reporter tossed for blogging NCAA baseball tourney game in Louisville
A reporter was ejected from an NCAA
baseball tournament game for submitting live Internet updates
during play.

Brian Bennett, a writer for The (Louisville, Ky.)
Courier-Journal, was approached Sunday by an NCAA representative in
the bottom of the fifth inning and told that blogging from an NCAA
championship event is against NCAA policies.

Bennett had done live blogging during Louisville’s super
regional games against Oklahoma State in the previous two games of
the three-game series. The representative revoked Bennett’s
credential Sunday and asked him to leave the game.

“It’s clearly a First Amendment issue,” said Bennie Ivory, the
newspaper’s executive editor. “This is part of the evolution of
how we present the news to our readers. It’s what we did during the
Orange Bowl. It’s what we did during the NCAA basketball
tournament. It’s what we do.”

  blog it

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