Class matters in school success

June 11, 2007

The big caveat here is how researchers are measuring “readiness.” In America, there is a huge push to get kids reading earlier and earlier, but studies have shown that such worry isn’t warranted until much later in Elementary school. All pushing seems to do is drive children away from a natural love of reading. There was a similar kind of (flawed) study by the Freakonomics folk.
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Disadvantaged children lagging a full year behind before they start school

A “generation Blair” project, tracking the progress of 15,500 boys and girls born between 2000 and 2002, found a divided nation in which a child’s start in life was still determined by the class, education, marital status and ethnic background of the parents.

In a series of vocabulary tests, the three-year-old sons and daughters of graduate parents were found to be 10 months ahead of those from families with few educational qualifications; they were 12 months ahead in their understanding of colours, letters, numbers, sizes and shapes.

Mothers in Scotland were more likely than those in the three other countries to have jobs and set clear rules governing the child’s behaviour. Similarly, Scottish fathers were more likely to read to their children, perhaps assisting early years development.

Scottish children were three months ahead of the UK average in language development and two months ahead in “school readiness”.
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