Indy Colts Coach ready to blog

June 2, 2007

It is great to see a technology-aware NFL organization jazzed enough to inspire their stoic head coach into self-publication. NOTE: Having seen the inside of the pre-Beta site, I think the imminent release of for public consumption is premature. At the moment, it seems to be a social site OF Colts fans, not a site FOR social Colts fans. Big difference. Still, this concept has a bright future, and Pay Coyle (et al) should be congratulated.
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Tony Dungy is pumped up to start blogging

This doesn’t happen every day, so don’t let me sound too nonchalant about it, but Tony Dungy stopped by my office yesterday to ask when he could start blogging! We sat and chatted for a few minutes and he shared with me that ever since he decided that he would blog, he’s been thinking about things he could write about.

Tony really seems to be catching a vision for his blog. He seems quite enthusiastic about the idea of having his own platform from which he can comment clearly about his views on issues and events. I can’t help but think this will be one of the most popular sections of the entire social net! He’ll start blogging on Monday. Yee ha!

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3 Responses to “Indy Colts Coach ready to blog”

  1. Pat Coyle said

    I am interested to learn more of your thoughts. Not sure what you mean. How do you differentiate between “of” Colts fan versus “for” Colts fans?

  2. […] noticed a link into my blog today from on of our beta testers. While he supports what we’re doing in general, he is not highly complimentary of the […]

  3. makice said

    I think I answered this to some degree on your blog, but since I find myself using this blog for all my interesting ClipMarks, might as well answer it here, too.

    A “social site OF Colts fans” is one that focuses on profiles, making new relationships and doing general MySpacey kinds of things. Colts fans happen to be the people being invited, but there is nothing special in the content or interactions that is specifically for them.

    A “site FOR social Colts fans” would examine what makes a Colts fan tick, starting with the needs and behaviors they already have that might be reinforced within an online social network. The site is a social network as a result of designing for their needs, so the social things they do online support their fandom first.

    This is what is lacking in the beta version. I don’t see news. I don’t see any interaction with players, or tools to share a love of Colts. I see MySpace repackaged with a new logo.

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